Alice DiMicele

Date:Apr 04, 2013

One of the Northwest’s most dearly loved musicians, Alice DiMicele continues to astound audiences with her wonderfully creative and exthusiastic performances! If one needs to hear how great she is, look no further than what Ms. Bonnie Riatt says about her, “Alice’s music has that great combination of earthiness and groove that keeps it funky from the inside out.”

Alice Di Micele has a dynamism to her delivery not always associated with folk music, and she backs up her powerful voice with heartfelt conviction in every word. She is a powerful singer and writer, with an incredible vocal range and crystal clear delivery! Her voice has a relaxed warm tone, and she glides effortlessly from low-end notes to pitch-perfect soprano; it is a “voice that moves mountains in defense of Mother Earth.”

Alice is an ardent Salmon supporter and River Raft Guide. Her inspired songs speak of rivers and trees, of salmon and the ocean, and she sings them with a clear, powerful voice that has a range of several octaves. Alice’s voice grabs a crowd and holds them in her musical spell. Her vocal mastery and clean, strong guitar work are truly an inspiration. -Alice rocks! And she created a special ‘Funky Salmon’ for our Project, the great “Chinook Blues” song…watery effects and all!