• Songs for the River
    A collaborative CD produced by Artists 4 Action including songs from Pete Seeger, Jackson Browne, Don Henley and more.

Salmon of the Columbia River are facing Extinction!

We need your help to speak up & say that we want to ‘Save the Salmon’ by doing whatever it takes to keep the Columbia River from becoming…‘A River of Ghosts’

A Tribute to Pete Seeger (1919 - 2014)

There is no one else like Pete Seeger! He has lived all of his 90-some years in pursuit of Truth & Justice. Best known for being a founding father of the American Folk Music Movement, he is also a tireless fighter for social and environmental causes. He has stood tall and spoken the Truth to Power. He has fought for the rights of working people, minorities and Nature. He has lead the way, with Song! He rode the Freedom Buses in the 60's, and stood up for the Civil Rights of all Americans. He sang with Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie to help change the world, with music!

4 years ago
'Fire tornado' killed firefighter as he raced toward burning Redding neighborhood during Carr blaze

“Nature Bats Last”...immense twister can be seen glowing orange as gray smoke twists counterclockwise, surrounded by flames all around the vortex. - we have to stop dumping pollution into the ... See more

'Fire tornado' killed firefighter as he raced toward burning neighborhood in Redding.

4 years ago
Protected areas proven to protect biodiversity

We must protect what’s left of the planet - especially trees and water!!!

Protected areas conserve biodiversity, experts say, and more action is needed to ensure safeguards are in place to protect these areas. "Our work has now shown that protected areas have significant ... See more

4 years ago
Yellow-cedar are dying in Alaska: Scientists now know why

We are killing the Turtle we’re riding!!!😮 these beautiful cedars are more vulnerable when spring snow levels were reduced by climate warming.

Yellow-cedar, a culturally and economically valuable tree in southeastern Alaska and adjacent parts of British Columbia, has been dying off across large expanses of these areas for the past 100 ... See more

4 years ago

ICYMI: The Trump administration is trying to significantly weaken the Endangered Species Act, the law that has brought beloved species like the bald eagle back from the brink of extinction. Read ... See more

4 years ago
More than 100 large wildfires in US as six new blazes erupt

WE are causing these terrible fires...our pollution is choking the Earth and she’s trying to shake us off - I’m on her side!

The fires have scorched states from Washington to New Mexico, with California among the hardest hit

4 years ago
Wonderwall - Oasis - FUNK cover feat. Darren Criss!

Not only is this guy super foggy but I am madly in love with him and his shorts!

Now available on iTunes, Spotify, and everywhere else! Bass: Sam Wilkes Drums: Rob Humphreys Vocals: Darren Criss Guitars: Ryan Lerman, Rai Thistlethwayte Ke...

4 years ago
We're Devouring The Earth's Resources Much Faster Than They Can Be Replaced

The human species seems to be pretty dumb

We need 1.7 planets to fulfill our appetite for stuff. And it's getting worse.

4 years ago
Continental-scale consequences of tree die-offs in North America: identifying where forest loss matters most - IOPscience

WE are killing the natural world...

Abigail L S Swann1,2,8, Marysa M Lagu?1, Elizabeth S Garcia1,3, Jason P Field4, David D Breshears4,5, David J P Moore4, Scott R Saleska5, Scott C Stark6, Juan Camilo Villegas7, Darin J Law4 and David ... See more

4 years ago

Dear Friends - please take two minutes to help Oregon's very endangered MARBLED MURRELET- you can attend the ODFW meeting next week, or send the prepared letter of support email that the Audubon has ... See more

This reversal demonstrated a blatant disregard for science, state wildlife law and the continued survival of this imperiled seabird. It leaves the murrelet on a path towards extinction in Oregon.

4 years ago
Dow Chemical Lawyer Eager to Set EPA Policy, Colleagues Say

No! We must stop this guy!

Peter C. Wright, the Dow Chemical Co. lawyer President Donald Trump hopes to nominate to head EPA’s Superfund and waste office, is eager to set policy, his colleagues say. […]