About Us

Artists4Action is a grassroots non-profit that wants to help solve crucial environmental problems through collaborative action between artists and activists. Based in the Northwest we work on progressive environmental issues and aim to speak out for the Earth on critical challenges like Endangered Species, Global Warming, GMOs & Toxic Pollution. We are working on making our 501c3 nonprofit into a world-class artists collaborative that really will make a difference. We decided to create a new independent organization to plug in the growing conservation sentiment among many local and national artists. We envision Artist4Action becoming a powerful force that allows creative talents of all types to join our effort and engender public support for sustainable solutions to our most pressing environmental challenges

Mission Statement

We aim to solve urgent environmental problems with creative collaboration by promoting scientific sustainable solutions.

Who We Are

Lisa Jackson

Board Member
Lisa Jackson is a company director, property investor, nurse and ethical farmer from Melbourne, Australia. With 25 years of experience in property investment, health care, artist management, musical promotion and finance, Lisa has wide and significant management experience. As a frequent visitor to the United States of America for business and family, she has drawn connections to the North American wilderness and the plight of these vital eco systems. Lisa is focussed on macro environmental issues and the political frameworks acting for and against preservation of our environment. Lisa is actively engaged in a full life and is a practitioner of Bikram Yoga. She lives by the philosophy of a young friend - "life is a festival" and would like that philosophy to remain possible for all future generations.

Patsy Perkins

Technical Consultant
Production manager, research director, rights negotiator, budget honcho. In addition to making sure everything occurs on time, Patsy handles the details of day-to-day production making sure all team members are working on proper priorities and completing assigned tasks. She arranges locations and personnel for location video and still productions

Laurie Bernstein

Board Member
Laurie Bernstein worked for the U.S. Forest Service for 24 years before retiring in 2011. Her primary focus was restoring aquatic habitat in the forests of Western Oregon and Washington State. She worked on improving habitat structure within stream channels and removing barriers such as dams and road crossings. She was also involved in numerous environmental documents where she analyzed impacts to aquatic resources. She loves being outdoors. You can find her skiing in the winter and hiking or touring on her bicycle in the warmer months. During the summer of 2011, she and her husband left their home in Eugene, Oregon and cycled over 4,000 miles across the country. Her favorite part of the trip was crossing the continental divide eight times.

Cat Koehn

Executive Director
Cat Koehn is a professional Educator & Environmental Activist. She is a retired Teacher, published author and has a Masters Degree in Education. Cat has been working on wildlife and environmental issues in the Northwest for the past two decades, and is now focusing her creative talents on building Artists4Action into a world-class Artists Collaborative that really will make a difference. Cat says: "We envision Artist4Action becoming a powerful force that allows creative talents of all types to join our effort and engender public support for sustainable solutions to many critical problems."
Why our goals of eco-entertainment are going to work!

There is a new phenomena sweeping Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry, it's called "ECO-entertainment". It combines both Environmental Education and Entertainment - and it is a powerful burgeoning force for good! A prime example of this new concept would be James Cameron's Blockbuster, Avatar. It combines ecological lessons with top rate entertainment, and it is now the Number One Top Grossing Film of All Time!

Our group is perfectly situated to take advantage of the fact that many top entertainers have environmental leanings, and the public is really inspired when they see folks like Emmy Rossum and U2 advocating environmental causes!

Our 'Save the Salmon' campaign is just the first of what we hope will be many pro-active projects that bring on board major artists to highlight urgent environmental problems and speak out in defense of the earth! We eventually intend to invite artists of all kinds to join us in solving environmental challenges by 'being creative' and sharing their passion and talents in a collaborative effort to protect the Environment, that we all need to sustain us. Our initial campaign has two components designed to bring prompt focus to this critical subject: a Screenplay, intended to be a full-length Motion Picture, with the working title, "Sagallala Speaks"; & a commercial CD collaboration composed of songs by individual 'green' musicians and groups, that will form the Soundtrack and score for the Movie. We appreciate the energy & enthusiasm that the individual artists who have joined our new campaign. We are speaking for the earth, and these talented musicians have shown their environmental support by joining our creative effort; - we hope to make this 'A Movement'! We believe that artists can 'make a difference' by using their creative talents to make a case for "saving all the pieces". The earth will be grateful for their support, as are we.

Our group is unique, in that we depend on the efforts of artists, musicians and other entertainers to bring Public Support for change and tangible solutions that are Sustainable and science-based. We network with cutting-edge musicians, artists and actors who sincerely want to 'make a difference' and help solve critical environmental problems, that have not yet be solved by conventional means. A good example of this is our efforts to protect 'Endangered Species'. We want to promote 'Sound Science' and encourage the general public to educate themselves about why it is important to save every part of our beautiful Mother Earth!

Our Philosophy

We believe that by bringing Public Attention to credible Solutions for such daunting problems, that we can put pressure on the 'the Powers that be' to set a Sustainable course for the planet.

We are using the Social Media and the new concept of "Eco-Entertainment" to focus national and international attention on tangible solutions for these 21st Century challenges. We are currently working in conjunction with Harvest Moon Records here in Oregon to produce a Collaborative CD of songs that we would like to use on the Soundtrack of the environmental movie we are promoting, called 'The Last Salmon'.

We have assembled an amazing list of talented artists who have volunteered their music for this CD, in order to help promote this Screenplay, which is designed to bring broad public attention to the plight of the Endangered Salmon.