The Duhks

Date:Apr 04, 2013

The Duhks gained great acclaim with their last record, “Fast Paced World” and we are proud to share the title cut from that great album. Their unique sound also earned the band a Grammy nomination, a Juno Award, two additional Juno nominations, two Folk Alliance awards and an Americana Music Association nomination for Best Emerging Artists, – all in the few years that they were together; we feel priviledged to include the best song off of their best & last album, “Fast Paced World”.

There is no hipper string band than the Duhks, and their hit, ‘Fast Paced World’ is a bracing mixture of blues, rock, hot jazz, Celtic, gypsy, Latin, and pop styles, all delivered with an exhilarating blend of skillful tightness and wild emotional abandon. We are honored to have their support, and be able to feature on our CD the title cut from their last album, “Fast Paced World’.

The band didn’t see any reason to pull their punches lyrically, as lead singer Sarah Dugas laments on the title track, “We’ve forgotten what’s sacred in this fast-paced world.” “It’s a song that’s essentially about over-consumption,” remarks the band’s founder Leonard Podolak. “We’ve all grown up with an outlook where’s there’s enough for everyone without destroying the earth.”

The inventive Canadians in The Duhks are widely beloved for their smooth blend of traditional roots music and soul, which they inject with well-placed Afro-Cuban and Celtic influences.”
But. –Art is constantly evolving…and that’s just what happened to the great ‘Duhks’ Band!
The Duhks formed back in 2002, after band leader Leonard Podolak’s group ‘Scruj MacDuhk’ broke up, so he started up the Duhks…until 2012, when those Duhks up and flew away – now all we have are their great records. So enjoy their music & we will them all the best in future!