Ani DiFranco

Date:Apr 04, 2013

A “folkie in punk’s clothing”, Ani DiFranco battled successfully against the Goliaths of corporate rock to emerge as one of the most influential and inspirational cult heroines of the 1990s. She was one of the first independent artists to own her own label, “Righteous Babe’ which has allowed her a considerable degree of creative freedom. Ani has been nominated four times for Grammy’s, and she won one for her album, ‘Evolve’ in 2004. She was also one of the only musicians to win the prestigous ‘Woman of Courage’ Award given by the National Organization for Women.

Ani’s music is very personal, her songwriting reflects warmth and clarity. She says “ I have this subconcious bent to open the curtains all the time and let people see into the process , the time and the place.” She often experiments with her music, like providing all the instruments and vocal backing, or recording her music at home!

The song that Ani has on our Benefit CD, ‘The Atom’ is one of her very best songs; it weaves a musical spell around what the Atom means to man, both good and bad. It is off her award-winning CD ‘Red Letter Year’, which was voted one of Billboard’s “Top Indepdent Albums’ of 2008. It is among DiFranco’s best records, on it she sings: “I got myself a new mantra. It says ‘Don’t forget to have a good time.” Her infectious songs share a sense of glee, it’s a joyous record!

She is a long-time environmentalist and her latest record, ‘Which Side Are You On’, echoes dear Pete Seeger, who plays on it and collaborated with Ani. It is her sixteenth studio album and has received ‘rave’ reviews! Ani has never stopped evolving, experimenting, testing the limits of what can be said and sung, we are very proud to include her on our Benefit Collaboration.