Railroad Earth

Date:Apr 04, 2013

Railroad Earth’s music combines elements of bluegrass, rock & roll, jazz, celtic and more, and the group is also known for its extensive live improvisations and lyrical songwriting within an acoustic base. This band is amazing! They are following in the steps of the Grateful Dead, building a family of ‘Hobos’ as they go! They have built up a reputation for advancing their art in new and important ways — connecting with audiences through a confluence of musical tastes.

Railroad Earth clearly stands on the shoulders of giants like bluegrass legends Earl Scruggs, David Grisman and Jerry Garcia. -Everybody has Fun at their concerts! Lead vocalist and guitarist Todd Sheaffer is their front man. Their songs feature tight banjo, guitar and mandolins. Their concerts showcase driving “jamgrass” collaborations that exude musicianship, and astound with the potency of their delivery.

In addition, their whole band is quite environmentally-conscious. On their website they have a special environmental section called ‘The Forcast’, after one of their great songs. They really care about the enviornment, and we are honored to feature their great “Mighty River” on this CD collaboration.