Danny Barnes

Date:Apr 04, 2013

Danny Barnes is a string virtuoso genius, with a prolific solo career that includes development of his trademark ‘folkTronics’, a startling approach that incorporates digital technology and various effect pedals to stretch the tonal range of his instruments. Barnes is entirely ‘unique’ and has always listened proudly to his own offbeat inner voice!

He calls himself “Ol’ Danny Barnes” and has received high praise from some of the ‘best in the business’, but it was perhaps Dave Matthews who has done the most to bring Danny unique super-talents to popular audiences, -Dave brought Danny along on his tours, and is quoted as saying “Danny Barnes’ ‘Pizza Box’ is my favorite new music!”

Danny’s astounding virtuosity on stringed instruments is breath-taking – he is a ‘One Man Band’ if ever there was one! We feel very lucky to have one of Danny’s great songs off his ‘Pizza Box’ release on our Benefit CD, -‘Caveman’ is a super-funky jab at what passes for Western Civilization these days. It also has Dave backing up Danny on that song, and it was recorded at Dave Matthew’s private studio, the ‘Haunted Hollow’.