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Businesses unite for salmon

Almost 1,200 businesses, most of them from the Pacific Northwest, have sent an open letter to President Obama saying it’s time for a new approach to helping salmon and steelhead — up to and including possible removal of dams. The coalition said it wants the federal government to reali
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Alaska voters weighing in: Salmon vs. gold

Voters in southwest Alaska’s Lake and Peninsula Borough are deciding whether to ban large-scale resource extraction activity, including mining, that would destroy or degrade salmon habitat. The measure is aimed squarely at Pebble Mine, the massive gold-and-copper prospect near t
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Viewpoints: State has stake in Columbia salmon solution

“Our next big opportunity to restore salmon and jobs rests on the lower Snake River in eastern Washington. The Columbia basin was once the world’s most productive salmon watershed. The Columbia River’s largest tributary, the Snake, once produced nearly half of this abundan
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Judge James Redden is ‘Chief of the Reality Police’

Federal Judge James Redden rejected the Obama Administration’s $10 billion Salmon and Steelhead Plan for the Columbia and Snake Rivers. The message is clear: the government’s old efforts have failed. It’s time for a “science-driven, collaborative approach” – just what ‘Art
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